VR 3.0 Headset 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Googles Front Cover Helmet for 4.5-6' Mobile Phone with VR

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Compatible Device: Smartphones
Display Number: None
All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: No
Sensor Type: shinecon 3.0
Type: Binocular
Viewing Experience: Immersive
3D Glasses Type: Virtual Reality
Controllers: Yes
Model Number: SH-SC3K035
Base Stations: No
Bundle: Bundle 2
Gesture Recognition: No
Camera: No
Ports: shinecon 3.0
Package: No
Real-time Map Construction: No
FOV: 100
Wireless network Type: shinecon 3.0
Set Type: Controllers Sets


1.Shinecon always continue it's sample and comfortable design , so the outward appearance of shinecon 3.0 is sample and special .

2.The material of shinecon is ABS , has gone through the CE authenticate , it means shinecon use the best material . By the way , last year , when the vr box is hot selling , there are so many factories use PC material to make vr glasses , that kind of PC material is Harmful to human body ,so in order to protect yourself , please choose the original product !

3.The weight of Shiecon 3.0 is about 250g when you wear item , you will feel is light and very comfortable .

4.Face contacts part , the shinecon use leather material .

5.About the lens , the diameter of item is about 44mm .

6.Shinecon also considering to protect your phone , more details , please reference the following real photoes taken by our company .

7.Note Again: This VR Shinecon 3.0 version comes with front cover , if your phone is 4-5 inch , after you put your phone into the glasses , you can install the cover , if your phone more than 5 inch or too thick , after you put your phone into the glasses , you can't not install  the front cover , but it does matter , it won't disturb you enjoy Virtual Reality world.

photo show




Bluetooth VR Remote Controller 035 :


It can compatible all VR 3D Glasses and the Smartphone which with bluetooth function . it need 2 AA batteries , the batteries are not inclouded.

1:Our Remote Controller is update version :

*It can discern android & IOS automatically , so there is no android/IOS switch on the side . It reducing the cumbersome operation  !

*We update the chip ,it is more stable and more sensitive !


2: G single hand operation, but also the lateral hands operation, the two way

Four, 3 modes, powerful, (mouse mode, convenient and practical)


About Remote Control :

Remote Control : There are so many remote control in the market , in order to make reduce manufacturing costs , some factory use low quality chip to make the remote.

1.If use the low remote  , the stability and Fluency are very bad .

2.The material of that remote is also bad , when you touch them , it is very Coarse.

Our remote are all high qualuity remote , we use better chip , use better material , you can see it is Scrub material on the surface .

Great Selection. The VR 3.0 Headset 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Googles Front Cover Helmet for 4.5-6' Mobile Phone with VR is a sensational must-have favorite as per your lifestyle and we hope you like it the most

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