Wi-Fi 2K HDMI All in One 360 Degree Virtual Reality Glasses Immersive VR Headset 3D Android

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Viewing Experience: Immersive
Sensor Type: Body distance sensing
Camera: No
Display Number: Single
Gesture Recognition: No
FOV: 120 FOV
Real-time Map Construction: No
Model Number: H3-035
Base Stations: No
Compatible Device: No
Type: Binocular
Package: Yes
Wireless network Type: 2.4Ghz wifi
Bundle: Bundle 1
Set Type: Controllers Sets
Ports: HDMI / Micro USB / 3.5mm
All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: Yes
3D Glasses Type: Virtual Reality
Brand Name: SOVAWIN
Controllers: Yes
Function 1: 360 degree virtual reality glasses
Function 2: vr headset
Function 3: immersive
Function 4: 3d virtual reality glasses android
Function 5: vr headset all in one
Function 6: vr headset with controller
Function 7: 3d vr headset
Function 8: cardboard vr headset
Function 9: all in one vr

4-core processor

2K HD screen

3D stereo surround

120 degree angle of view

Wifi connection

360 degree Panoramic immersion

Built-in 4000mAh battery

 vr all in one (2) 

SUPPER HD screen 

H3 with 2560*1440 HD screen

clearer than 1080P

2.5k HD Resolution 2560*1440 ,

Picture is exquisite,More beautiful and clearer

 vr all in one (3) 

Anti-blue lenses

Innovative Blue Lenses Technology

Effectively prevent fatigue,isolated from Blu-ray damage eyes,

do not splash,visual reality,HD,to bring you a visual enjoyment 

at the same time,also give a good care for your eyes.

 vr all in one (4)vr all in one (5)vr all in one (6) 

HDMI interface ,use as computer screen

Equipped with hdmi interface, not only all in one vr, but also can be used as a computer

monitor to watch movies and play games

 vr all in one (7)vr all in one (8) 

rk-3288 Quad-core cpu

H3 with RK-3288 quad-cord cpu ARM CORTEX-A17 Architecture

1.8Ghz Running speed Guarantee to watch movies play games

Smooth running

 vr all in one (9) 

Stronger battery

Stronger system

4000 mAh with Android 5.1 system ,can be used for more time

More power saving 


vr all in one (10)


Greater perspective

Broaden horizons

120 degree FOV  Optical magnification Anti-distortion technology

just like IMAX 3D Movie

 vr all in one (11) 

ARM Tailored

VR Image Processor

ARM  GPU Mail-Ti764 Optimize the image

Enhance virtual reality experience

 vr all in one (12) 

Low latency Not dizzy

Total delay 18ms, effectively reduce the vertigo of vr

 vr all in one (13) 

Built-in 9-axis gyro sensing

Built-in 9-axis gyro sensing and Gravity acceleration sensor

More accurate more stable

Keenly Capture body condition

 vr all in one (14) vr all in one (15) 

360 degree Panoramic surround Aggregate panoramas and videos

Make the picture more three-dimensional

 vr all in one (16) 

supports myopia

Anti-blue lens,effectively filter the blue light,protect the eyes,suitable for people within 0 - 600 degree  myopia, 

fit for different users.It means that if you are myopia or hyperopia,you can use it without wearing glasses.

 vr all in one (17) 

Dual lens independent adjustment

The lens can be adjustable independetly, support interpupillary 

distance adjustment and focal length adjustment,suitable for different perople to use.

 vr all in one (18) 

Multiple thermal design

face touch part with thermal design, prevent the vr got hot ,and prevent the lenses with Water mist

 vr all in one (20) vr all in one (19)vr all in one (21)vr all in one (23)vr all in one (24)vr all in one (25) 

Gift : Bluetooth Remote Controller

 Gamepad (2)Gamepad (7)Gamepad (8)Gamepad (9)
Good selection. The Wi-Fi 2K HDMI All in One 360 Degree Virtual Reality Glasses Immersive VR Headset 3D Android is the product you did not think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without it

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